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Community Development

Himshikhara Socio-Cultural Society have been working in different field of community development. Due to the constraints in resources, it is usually seen that many community and government schools building are not in proper condition. Some of the buildings which were destructed from the devastating earthquake two years ago are still not reconstructed .Some research also says it affected the psychological aspect of the children. This year Himshikhara constructed community wall in Chitwan and senior citizen home wall in Bhaktapur. Himshikhara Socio-Cultural Society has also been organizing different awareness and distribution program for the welfare of the community. During winter, some part of terai region gets much colder. There are some people who are discriminated by societal hierarchy and lack of warm clothes during winter. To help these people HISCUS with support of nestling trust distributed warm clothes to 100 people in Doom and Musahar community of Sarlahi district.

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