The Sarangkot Nesting TrustHome

The Sarangkot Nestling TrustHome is a hope of future to the number of children who are discriminated from their basic rights. The home which is half completed now will not only be a building made up of cement, brick and other construction materials instead will be a home and future for lot of children who will be staying there. Through this Home, HISCUS-NEPAL wants to bring harmony among various tribes, community and make children more connected with their society. This Home will also be a shelter for those children who are separated from their family, community and society. The children will get their rights and will live safe life in the shelter.

The Organisation will establish a field office in Pokhara and hire the project staff and will plan, implement, supervise and monitor the project activities. The organization will be responsible for financial support and monitoring the overall activities of the project. Social audit will be arranged among the communities and government agencies like DDC and VDC. The guideline suggested by social welfare council will be followed for rest of the issues in order to make the activities transparent.