Education and scholarship

Through Scholarship program (Efforts to sustain Quality Education), Himshikhara wants to contribute in education sector by achieving high performing school culture. Education field is complex and to bring result we need to coordinate multi and cross sectors partners and stake-holders. It tries to utilize its resources in the most needed government school to end the constraints to acquire quality education .Himshikhara focuses on various part of the country for the project. We are also focusing on conducting informal educational classes to the children who are out of school. Similarly, seeing the necessity of effective guidance and counseling to the school level students for their career choice. We are conducting this sort of program in a regular basis.

ESQED is a division of Himshikhara Socio Cultural Society working to build networks of like minded individuals and organizations in making the public and government school education more effective. ESQED focuses on elimination of causes that hinder in acquiring quality education among children in Government and Community school. It main focuses are Principals & teachers’ leadership & professional development. Through healthy dialogue & activities ESQED wants to build relationship between Principal & Teachers, Teachers & Teachers, Teachers & Parents, Teachers & Students. It also tries to provide various hardware support to the school through which school education can go smoothly and effectively. With close relationship with Ministry of Education, District Education Office following action steps will be carried out: