Health Camp Program

Health Initiative Nepal program is an effort to develop an outstanding and creative knowledge base in the fields of health awareness. I believe that the program will be valuable for the community people and students, it will help health professionals to implement further program in the local community ondemand base. I am also very positive that this program will present practically to change knowledge level and shape the behavior on healthy way

HIN is a health division of Himshikhara Socio Cultural society. It believes in the motto of “Prevention is better than cure”, In the developing countries poverty is the main issue to get basic needs for day to day life. If they get better awareness in their own community level it’s a powerful way to get better life. Most of the cases people get sick or ill because of their behavior, the behavior directed by knowledge, the socio–economic and socio-cultural status. Thus, the program mainly focuses on Community and school health education and awareness program which are essential to make a healthy society. This program mainly concern about the food and hygiene, adolescent, reproductive health, sexual behavior and sexual transmitted diseases